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Folio Science Form 2 (Classification of plants)



Name : Graceher Rubin

Class : 2 Zamrud (KRK)

Title : Classification of plants

                                                                             Name of assessor,

                                                                             (Your science teacher name)


Theme : Man and the variety of living things

Learning area : Biodiversity (flowering and non-flowering plants)

Learning objective : Understanding variety of living organisms and their classification

Aim : To classify plants based on common characteristics


(mind maps of Plants that is non-flowering and flowering)

Example : (sorry it was not in mind maps)


Non-flowering plants

Definition : Do not produce flower

Example : 1.Fern   2.Fungi   3.Mosses   4.Conifer

Flowering plants

Definition :  Produce fllower


 Example : 1.Sunflower   2.Morning Glory   3.Hibiscus


 Example : 1.Maize plants   2.Grasses   3.Sugarcane


(characteristics of flowering plants that is type of leaf, type of root, type of stem and number of cotyledon. Make in table)


Analysis : (given based on your teacher)

Conclusion :

(Summarize all about plants)

Example :  Plants are divided by two groups it is non-flowering and flowering plants…………………….


Reference :

1. Name of authors, year. Title of book. Place of publisher : Publisher.


Hope this may help you : GOOD LUCK !

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